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Extra-curricular clubs

There are many different clubs that children can access after school


Welcome to Reception, where pupil social development is nurtured and encouraged alongside early learning.

Year 6

Year Six is all about Our Local Area and its history, the Theory of Evolution and India.

Year 5

Year Five is all about Ancient Greece & The Iron Age, Kenya and the Mission to the Moon.

Year 4

Year Four is all about Ancient Civilisations, Ingenious Inventors and Buzzing Brazil.

Year 3

Year Three is all about Homes Through Time & Space, What Lies Beneath Us and Spain.

Year 2

Year Two is all about Victorious Victorians, Amazing Australia and Ready, Steady, Grow!

Year 1

In Year One we are learning about Burwell and Beyond, The Olympics and COVID-19.

School Prospectus

We want our pupils and our staff to be curious, motivated, life-long learners.

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