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Welcome to Burwell Village College Primary School. A learning environment for curious and motivated children where we offer a new curriculum for the new generation.


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At Burwell Village College Primary, we want to inspire young minds with enriched and exciting learning experiences. No matter who you are there will be information here for you.  Whether you are a current or potential parent, an interested teacher or a curious child, there is an area just for you.  There is an opportunity to meet the dedicated team who are committed to motivating and supporting your child’s development.

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OfSTED Report
OfSTED Report
Tue 4 Jun 2024

We are a 'good' school. Pupils are proud to attend this happy school...The school is ambitious for all pupils...They b

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Y2 Colchester Zoo
Y2 Colchester Zoo
Wed 22 May 2024


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Y1 History Enrichment
Y1 History Enrichment
Thu 16 May 2024

To enrich our learning in history, we had a WWII themed day in school.

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As parents, we know that your children are extremely important to you, and our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where your child’s unique personality, ideas and interests are nurtured and encouraged.


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Phonics programme

140 songs and pieces of music every child should know

140 songs and pieces of music every child should recognise


We are profoundly grateful to every one of our parents who choose to give their children the opportunities to succeed.

We are really pleased that the lessons and tutoring that is being provided is well balanced and set at the correct level for our son’s remote learning. We very much appreciate all the efforts that the teachers are making during these challenging times. Thank you.


I really enjoy my ‘cultural capital’ lessons.  I get to do lots of things that I don’t normally do.  This term I am in a drama production of Aladdin.

Year 4 pupil

Our oldest daughter has really enjoyed the empowerment brought about by your changes to the school curriculum. Being able to take some ownership of what and when she learns has, we think, been a valuable experience for her.


Pupils enjoy making a positive contribution to their school and community. They do so through the school’s cultural capital programme and pupil leadership opportunities. Pupils are considerate of others and develop strategies to sustain friendships. They say that adults care for them.

OfSTED 2021

Thank you all for everything you do.  I absolutely know that you all care about the children you teach, and I am hugely grateful that my child is in your care.


Reception Busy Bees’ Cafe

It was lovely seeing inside the classroom. My child loved showing me the reading corner and building area. I will be printing the letters and numbers for a reading/learning area at home, which I think is great!


 Year 1 Busy Bees’ Cafe

It was great to see the class space and how the children interact with each other and the teachers. I will use the bookmark and questions during our reading at home. School is more fun than I remember!



Year 2 Busy Bees’ Cafe

It was great to see where and what the children are learning. It seems to be a really positive and happy place to learn.


 Year 3 Busy Bees’ Cafe

It was really lovely to see the children in their school environment, especially their responses to the contextual questions. It’s something I used to do but have fallen out of the habit – I should begin again!


 Year 4 Busy Bees’ Cafe

I liked the idea of using books to help with emotions – the theme of not being afraid of failure or to try.


Year 5 Busy Bees’ Cafe

It was great to get an insight into how the children learn. Busy Bees is a lovely idea! I will endeavour to ask more questions during reading time at home – making sure that tricky words are understood and that the context is recognised.



Year 6 Busy Bees’ Cafe

It was lovely to see and hear the children enjoying a book with pictures, not just lots of chapters. I will do this too!


Please could you give my thanks to the pupils of year 5 and 6 who prepared my lovely planter that I found this afternoon. What a lovely surprise! Unexpected acts of kindness can have such unexpected, long term results sometimes. It certainly made my day brighter.

Member of the community

Year 4 maths workshop

It was really helpful to understand how the children learn division and the vocabulary used.


Year 3 maths workshop

It was useful to see how my child solves calculations. This will help me support them with their homework.


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