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Why did you want to teach in the first place?  This is a question that is quite often the subject of an interview or conversations between staff.  We all know that there are some answers we would give and others we keep to ourselves.  “I just love working with children” or ” I want to make a real difference” compared to “the salary is competitive” and “I would love a six week holiday”.  Every job has its unique draws for different people; teaching is no different.  Whatever your reason for teaching is personal to you.  The organisation that you work for, however, has a shared reason.  We have a collective drive to ensure that we are offering children high quality opportunities across the curriculum.  Simon Sinek, author and leadership coach, talks about ‘finding your why’ both individually and as an organisation because this drives the progress and development of the organisation and it is what attracts people and employees.

Our why is simple: we want to ensure pupils experience a rich and deep curriculum.  We believe that in doing this, children will achieve better outcomes in all subjects and want to be in school to learn.  In order to achieve this ‘why’, we recognise that we need to invest in staff.  Our teachers are the people who have the most influence on these opportunities and therefore we have invested heavily in their development.  We also have a dedicated time for HLTAs and TAs to develop further skills in specific areas, for example mathematics interventions.

On this page we have put all the CPD material we have written and developed over the past two years.  The majority of our teachers have access to CPD every Friday for between 2-3 hours and these are the materials that have been used to develop their knowledge and expertise over this time.

Professional development material


An introduction to coaching



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