About Us

Providing inspiring opportunities and nurturing compassionate citizens.


Our Goal

We aim to immerse our pupils in our forward-thinking and inspiring learning culture so that each child is equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to be active, engaged and confident members of society.

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Meet The Team

Meet the team of educators who are dedicated and passionate about your child’s future.


Our Parents Area

Our parents play a crucial role in our school. We aim to keep you as involved as possible, so we encourage you to explore our Parent’s Area.

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Our Children’s Area

Our curriculum is bespoke to Burwell Village College Primary School – just as each of our pupils is unique, so too is our curriculum on offer.

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Our Teacher Area

Being a committed teacher is not just about having the necessary skills or understanding the pedagogy behind the role. It’s a philosophy, a culture, and a way of life.

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