Recommended Reads

Recommended reads

Books for Topics have put together a list of books that are recommended for different age groups.  The children have these in their reading records.  We are encouraging all children to read these books in their spare time and tick them off the list as they go along.  To support us in this it would be great if you can read along with your child or ask them questions about the books they are reading.  Perhaps share them as a bedtime story.  When children do read them it would be great if you can initial the list in the reading record to show that they have read them.

We believe that encouraging children to read this selection of books it will help to develop their vocabulary, their knowledge of common stories and story structures and, over time, develop a love of reading which will support them throughout their lives.  Along with their school reading books and the emphasis on reading throughout the curriculum, children will develop into  fluent and expressive readers.  This in turn will support their understanding of the whole curriculum and opening up opportunities to develop deeper critical thinking and supporting successful outcomes.