On Thursday 9th November, Reception went on their first school trip to the Burwell War Memorial.


In class, we have been talking about the significance of the poppies and why lots of people wear them around this time of year. We learnt about why people spend time remembering on the 11th November and the different ways that the day is commemorated. We made our own poppy wreath by painting our hands, creating individual poppies that we then joined together in a class tribute.


We walked to the Burwell War Memorial. We learnt that the writing on the wall is all of the names of the people in the village who died during war. We also looked at the different symbols that were on the memorial like the crosses and poppies. We listened to the Last Post and had a two minute silence where we laid our own wreaths on the memorial. We then finished our trip by listening to a poem about Remembrance Day.